I am not l am not l am not

   and also l knew

that l am what l do

and l am what l don’t

that l make this for pleasur

the grace and the love

that all other things are invented

stolen and twisted so pure

just wanna find out

what was left behine

remember the voice in my head

remember the peace of my heart

   and also remember all the others parts


Ignore it you are doing it fine

that bitch in the back

obsessive compulsive controler attack

It’s the other part

   u wanna find out

alternative ways to bring her alive

to pick up the pieces

rebuild all your mind

– , las cosas que pasan

que van a pasar, 

y a vos qué te importa.-

so now that l know

l think lt’s my time

                          ¡hey there!

                    ¿whats up?

¿feel the breeze and the beat of the drum?